The Smelly Little Oil Company
June 24, 2017

Sandalwood For You

Greetings to you all.

It would be Sammy Sandalwood coming to you with greetings from here.

I am all very new to this so you will need to be my friends while I learn. The others told me I need to post something. Post something? What is that? A post is something you put in the ground. If I am to be writing to people, I will be sending them greetings, thank you very much. So I am sending greetings to you, my friends.

Please hold the moment for a minute.

“Benny! Please control yourself. Blowing your whistle non stop will not hurry me along!”

Benny is a very nice boy but he needs to calm down a bit.

I shook my head and rattled my brains but I could not think for a minute what to call my greeting and so I just entitled it: Sandalwood For You. I am hoping this will be ok. I decided that if the word sandalwood is there you will be knowing that it is me sending you greetings.

I can see the others are getting impatient. That is a problem they now have because they needed to be pushing me into this so quickly. I was being happy to wait but, no. No waiting for you Sammy! You are so slow! Well let us be seeing who is slow now. 🙂

Except for Yasmin. She is understanding where I come from. She is a very peaceful girl and nothing is being too much trouble for her.

Now, according to all my bossy, busy friends here, I need to be giving you a tip which would be helping you to understand me better.

Here is my tip for you today: When you have had a long and busy day, I am the one who is being your relaxation assistant. I can be also working very well with Lozzie and Yasmin in this regard.

I would also be liking to let you know that I am not the cheapest of oils, but I am worth every penny you might pay. I have a cheaper cousin in Australia. He is a very nice guy, and he has his own attributes but I am the oldest and wisest. He is somewhat similar to myself since we come from the same family so if you cannot get myself he is a very good alternative for you.

My name in full is Sammy Santulum Album Sandalwood. His name is Sammy Santalum Spicatum Sandalwood. I think it is being very funny that we both have the same name of Sammy. We are very classy guys!

Okay. I cannot be standing these other oils any longer. I have to be leaving you for now. But I think I am getting into the swing of this greetings business. I will be speaking to you from next time!

Farewell greetings to one and all

Sammy (that would be santalum album) Sandalwood