The Smelly Little Oil Company
June 27, 2017

Ben Black Pepper Signing On!

Lookin’ sharp today all!

Ben Black Pepper coming to ya!

That Sammy Sandalwood is a waffler extraordinaire. He would sit here all day and still not get it all out. *sigh* You have to get the show on the road! Move it along! Vamoos!

The whole gang is looking forward to sharing with you regularly during our time at the workshop. We’re a great team and we all work well together. Don’t tell the others but I think I might be the boss most of the time. That’s why I carry the whistle. Keep the others in check when they need it!

Remember that black pepper essential oil is great for upset tummys. Gerry loves to help me with that and we also get Lindy on the job to complete the trio.

Well, that’s it. Short and sweet. Like me!

Until next time,

Bopping off for now!