The Smelly Little Oil Company

I love aromatherapy and would love to see more people using it as a viable lifestyle option.

With a Diploma in Holistic Aromatherapy and Diploma in Therapeutic Bodyworks, I am very keen to share my aromatherapy knowledge, helping people to see that pure essential oils really do make a therapeutic difference and are not just nice smelly oils in little bottles.

As an entrepreneur, my interests in both business and personal life are wide and varied, but one of my favorite things, without doubt, is writing.

An important facet of educating people in the use and application of aromatherapy is to teach children about essential oils so they grow up incorporating oils as a part of their normal routine.

Even if you don’t use aromatherapy yourself, it’s wonderful to be able to give your children or children you may know a gift of a healthier lifestyle option.

Mind you, there are adults who have purchased The Smelly Little Oil Company for themselves so they, too, can also learn the basics of some of the essential oils!

The Smelly Little Oil Company don’t only help children learn about essential oils – they also show children how to work together as part of a team to get great results, and how to work towards having a cleaner environment and planet.

My vision is for The Smelly Little Oil Company to become a household name, creating growth for humanity and some much needed love for planet earth!

Best Wishes